1) Limits of Alcomotive liability

Alcomotive.com has been completed with the utmost care. It is available to the public solely for information purposes and will be updated from time to time. Alcomotive cannot for any reason be held responsible for any liability, direct or indirect, of whatever nature and importance whether this be caused directly or indirectly by consultation or, more generally, by any usage of whatever type of Alcomotive.com

2) Sites indicated on the Alcomotive website

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3) Prior authorization required for links to the Alcomotive site

If a person wishes to create a hyperlink of whatever type from a website to Alcomotive.com that person is required to obtain prior written and specific agreement from an authorized representative of Alcomotive. To obtain this authorization, the person should address a request to the following address: info@Alcomotive.com Failure to receive a reply to this request should be taken as refusal of authorization. All infringements of this procedure will lead to prosecution with the competent judiciary. Alcomotive can in no way be held responsible for the content of external websites that establish a hyperlink with Alcomotive.com even if authorization for the said link has been given by Alcomotive.