The strength of a group

Alcomotive is one of the pillars within the Alcopa and Bergé groups. This allows us to rely on several centralized services in addition to the know-how and strength of a large holding.

Shared services

As a European actor, Alcomotive has an extensive shared service center with a wide network of services to back-up its operations. Thanks to a strong back-office and professionally managed in-house additional services, we are fully self-supporting in all aspects of our business. Our human capital is key, and we offer know-how and expertise in all the necessary fields like Human Resources, IT, Logistics, Finance, Homologation, Technical training and Workshop.

Optimized logistics and operational processes are essential in the car business. We aim to optimize delivery times, transport-costs and day-to-day processes. We have also established a professionally-managed ordering process in order to create an optimized flow towards our suppliers.

Alcomotive financial services

In order to guarantee a full support package to our customers, Alcomotive provides competitive and fully-operational financial and insurance services. Thanks to these complete packages, our dealers and customers can benefit from an easy process-flow in order to finance and insure every products we offer. This “one-stop-shopping” service, is exactly what our customers expect from us.